Fyndes new treasures

Fyndes new treasures
6 August, 2009 Chocolate Creative
I found this unique pieces at Fyndes, (A showcase for art, photography, antiques and contemporary designs. Their aim is to provide a central, global marketplace where independent artists, dealers and designers can achieve exposure. They provide a setting in which they can display their collections, as inspiration for home decorators and interior designers)
I LOVE browsing their website in search for unique pieces and inspiration, this is how I came across the work by Krislyn Design. Their pieces feel, they belong to a fairy tale…in a middle of a forest with the mist coming down and the little creatures hidden behind gorgeous trees…moss trees, feathers, stone trees and hand crafted pod objects…
Me encantan estas piezas del studio Krislyn Design cuando estoy buscando inspiración suelo ojear la página Fyndes, y es así como encontré estas piezas tan bonitas, me transportan a un mundo de adas, con la niebla y las criaturas del boque escondidas detrás de los arboles y a punto de salir de sus escondites…Preciosas!!

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