From Barcelona with style…

From Barcelona with style…
18 November, 2009 Chocolate Creative

Who haven’t heard about all the great things Barcelona have to offer? The buzz of the city and its people, the art and design scene, the great food, the non-end shopping list and above all the arquitecture. I lived in BCN for over a year when I was studying design and can give credit that it is one of the best cities to live and have fun in. It was one of the best experiences of my life and the place where I met my dear friend Pilar, from the multidisciplinary design firm playground, who’s gorgeous flat I am showing here today.

The building dates back to 1890-1900 and it is considered to be from the modernist period, Art Nouveau, very tall ceilings, doors and windows, and the most distinctive feature, the hydraulic tiles with an organic/floral decoration.

I am very pleased to share with you all this gorgeous photos that photographer Leslie de Leon recently took of her flat, with the help of the stylist Cecilia Fältman. I remember the space being beautiful and full of very interesting pieces that she has gathered in her many travels, but this photos shows that not only she has a great eye for interiors and excellent style, but they reminds me of the grandiose scale of the rooms. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do, In the future I am hoping to post more about my friend’s houses, I just need to convince them to take some good photos and send it to me, not hard work after all, isn’t?

You can tell the influence of Pilar’s travels in her house, she has collected beautiful pieces from different countries over the years…

She has painted the flat following the hydraulic tiles color’s scheme

Nice selection of textiles, black and pink…

My favorite photo…

I want this bathroom!!
Thanks Pilar for this gorgeous photos of your flat, you have created an inspirational living space, that have improved over the years, I am sure you will keep adding your personal touches that makes your home a very unique and glamorous one!!
I promise to come to visit soon, it is my turn!!

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  1. Hi pleased to meet you

    enjoyinng you blog

    come pay a visit sometime

  2. Wow! What an amazing place, Kx

  3. Anonymous 15 years ago

    Hey, thats amazing, or how we would say in ES IMPRESIONANTE! I looked at you work Margarita and its also impresionante. I highly recomend it.
    Jose, Prague

  4. Anonymous 15 years ago

    Thank you Marga! I miss you and i hope you'll be soon visiting me in Barcelona. My flat is your flat..:-))) Congratulations for your blog! Everything is tastefully chosen!! Kisses
    Pilar, Barcelona

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