13 May, 2014 Chocolate Creative
Hello everybody, how is life out there? sometimes I wonder, as I don’t tend to leave my house/studio or my local area, Peckham, for weeks. I Just wanted to share a few (bad photos, I am a rubbish photographer) of my space, after all I spend a lot of time in my house, as I work from here. I try to keep it tidy, clean and organised, otherwise I will easily go mental, well I am a tidy person by nature so it has to be that way anyway for me to feel comfortable and cosy. Sometimes I take random photos, specially if I am working on new designs, as I live with them before I decide to launch new products in my shop. New B&W print on the wall, (photo above).

Hunting down vintage treasures is another activity of mine, I use them to take photos of my own products, as I love the eclectic look of mixing old/vintage with contemporary, modern design pieces.

Flowers are a very important component of my daily life, I feel as if the living room – in special – is empty unless I have a bunch of greens or flowers going on. They don’t have to be very expensive, I am happy with simple arrangements, but my favourites are peonies that I normally get from The Columbia flower Sunday market.
My garden is quite a disaster, the roses below, are one of the only survivors from previous years. One day when I have enough cash I will do my outside space, although that is not going to fix the fact that I am a totally NOT green fingers at all…maybe if I tried a bit harder, spent more time at it, and the rain decided to spare me a few good sunny weeks, I will managed to keep my flowers and plants alive, and perhaps grow some veggies…Anyone out here interested in teaching me about gardening? I will pay in home-wares goods.
I better get back to work on the new designs/products, that are taken me for ever to finish, news coming soon, Have a lovely and productive day!
Photos by me

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  1. Las flores que enseñas son maravillosas. En cuanto a tu "problemilla" de jardinería…. yo creo que lo primero que tienes que pensar es en olvidar las plantas que asocias a sol…. estás en Londres, y esas plantas que tanto nos gustan y a las que estamos acostumbradas en nuestra tierra, te darán mil y un quebraderos de cabeza…. Piensa en un jardín inglés, con sus rosales, su wisteria, sus camelias, hortensias, y todo será más fácil….

  2. lovely pictures marga! I'll give you some ideas for your garden v x

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