Feminine black and pink

Feminine black and pink
27 June, 2016 Chocolate Creative
Hello Monday, hello new week, and hello new beginnings. I am not going to go into details about how I feel about the latest development in the UK. As a Spanish living in London for the past 19 years, I feel sad, concern, and confused, it is not easy to see and feel how divided this country is, and what an uncertain future lies ahead of us. To top up the misery, Spain just had the second general elections within 6 months, to come to almost the same conclusion as the first time around. Right now, I find very difficult to seat in my studio, stay focus and talk about interiors/design and sell beautiful things, as this seems so irrelevant right now.
But as I continue to be the same person I was last week, I can only do what I do best, my job!! Browsing some – new to me blogs – I found the gorgeous and happy This is Glamorous. I was captivated by its dreamy and glamorous aesthetics straight away, just what I needed today, flowers and more flowers, gorgeous buildings, landscapes and accessories.
I am painting some furniture at home in black, and organising the house for a photo-shoot. It helps me to put together some visuals mood-boards with ideas, pinterest, magazines and blogs are my main source of inspiration, although I have a very clear vision of what I like anyway. I have always wanted a chesterfield sofa upholstered in linen, very feminine but still simple and timeless.
Lampshade and cushion at chocolate creative | sofa and dresser at Anthropologie
The above photo is of my living room, I love peonies, and having a mixed eclectic collection of things in the house. The photo below represents my style very well, I like interiors with personality, art, flowers, dark painted furniture, wooden flloors, etc…I hope my ideas come together nicely, all I have to do now is stop day dreaming and get on with the DIY job!!

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