Fantastic locations in the X-men: First Class the movie

Fantastic locations in the X-men: First Class the movie
8 June, 2011 Chocolate Creative
OMG I so much enjoyed watching the new movie X-men: First Class last night. I am a fan of well done action movies, the ones that leaves you stick to your seat for the whole duration of the film, and this one is one of them. They have, as well, done a really good job on the locations, interiors, styling etc…I could even spot the Tom Dixon lamps, cushions from Sanderson and one of my favorites desk lamps that they have used in their styling. Most of the locations were filmed in England and the action takes place on 1960s-style sets, conceived by production designer Chris Seagers. Below are some snaps of the constructed interiors, one of my favorites has to be the transformation of the Australia House, a 1918 London landmark, into the Kremlin’s war room. I really recommend the movie if you enjoy action, done on James Bond style with amazing interiors and styling. The movie is a visual master piece!

Lets not forget the gorgeous men in the movie…

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  1. That`s cool!
    Found your blog through iiiinspired;)
    And glad I did!
    I saw this movie yesterday, aaand loved everything about the interior, and the story of course, because I´m an x-man addict, sadly Hugh Jackman wasn`t a big part in this movie.
    Love your blog, please visit mine too;)

    Lovely greetings from Germany…

  2. PS; I´m your latest follower;)

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