18 March, 2009 Chocolate Creative

I spend a good amount of my time searching for fabrics for my textiles, and I though that it could be helpful to share this information with you all. I am mainly interested in organic natural fabrics, such as hemp, cotton and linens. Sometimes I fall for amazing fabrics that don’t make sense financially in terms of production, but I only want to work with the best I can get.
When I am designing a new collection, sometimes I look for inspiration in fabrics, the texture, the color, the edges of the materials, etc…I mainly use neutral colors, but lately fall for this stripe linens, so i am thinking of incorporating them in my new designs.
Some of the shops itself are a a treasure, one of the best is ‘The Cloth house‘ in Soho, I could spend a fortune there…vintage french linen, Thai organic hemp, very pretty trimming, beautiful patterns, etc…I love the way they display the stock in the shop, a very inspiring place.

I hope to sell a lot of cushions so I can go there and get more fabrics!!!

This are the stripe linen I talked about it, I LOVE them!!! They come from ‘MacCulloch & Wallis‘ another great shop in London. I am getting this fabric today, I am trying a new design for the Cameos collection, I can’t wait to start working on it!!! I will keep you posted!.

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