Exhibiting at 100% Design show

Exhibiting at 100% Design show
28 July, 2011 Chocolate Creative
I am very happy and at the same time a bit overwhelmed about exhibiting at this year’s 100% Design show in London. I have been attending this event together with Tent, Origin, and rest of trade and retail shows since I came to the city, with the hope that one day I will be showing my work at one of them. It gives me a high just to see my company’s profile being listed in the exhibitors zone, but this, not only implied the fact that I am taken part, but the realisation of the huge responsibility, both financially and work-wise that, taken part in one of the most relevant events in London during the London Design festival involves. So that is why I have not being posting much lately, as I am working on a new product and a few new designs to launch at the this year’s show. I have designed the stand, but keep changing my mind about colors and displays constantly, the success of my participation in the show lies on how well I display my work, and of course, whether or not people will appreciate and like the products. There are so many amazing designers taken part, not only at 100% Design but at the other shows as well, sometimes I think, does this world need another cushion or mug?? but I keep saying to myself, that YES it does need it! So if you are in London around the 22-25 of September and are thinking of visiting the show, come and say hello, I will be at Stand F28. I will be giving away some free tickets near the time, so keep in tune for later on in September, and wish me luck, I am going to need plenty of it haha…

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  1. Oh that's great news! I'm hoping to attend this year so I'll definitely come and pay you a visit 🙂

  2. Yahoo! Fantastic news! Can't wait to see your stand!

  3. esto ha sido un poco extraño…. justo había dejado el ordenador por una web de tejidos especiales, estaba buscando telas para unos cojines que hacer…. me ha encantado la coincidencia, y…. tienes un blog y un trabajo impresionante…. tengo que pasar tiempo aquí…

    Gracias por tu comentario….

  4. Hola, gracias por pasarte por Olaimar. Me encantan tus cosas y me encantaría darme una vuelta por Londres.A ver cómo va todo, mi intención es abrir la tienda en septiembre pero voy lentísima con todo. Necesito gente creativa cerca, así que estaremos en contacto. Besos y ánimo.

  5. Las baldosas…. se llaman baldosas hidráulicas y estas en concreto son viejas, viejísimas…. están en mi oficina…. ahora hay bastantes fábricas que las han vuelto a hacer, pero son caras, carísimas…. si tu casa está en España, dime en que zona y te busco alguna fábrica cerca… si está en London, será más complicado, y caro, imagino… Besos

  6. Maru 13 years ago

    Hola Margarita! gracias x pasarte por mi blog, así te pude conocer. Me encanta lo que hacés, te sigo! saludos desde BsAS!

  7. well done! i will definitely try to come to see you:)

  8. Anonymous 13 years ago

    Looks brilliant Marga!!! Kate xxxx

  9. KOKET 13 years ago

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