Environments the book

Environments the book
3 May, 2011 Chocolate Creative
Beautiful book called Environments by photographer, Olga Bennett, documenting studio spaces of eleven creative people, most of them working in Melbourne and around. Love this kind of publications.

green..a random selection of her photos.

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  1. Hello and thank you for your comment on my blog the other day. It's nice to follow you back here and see so many nice posts too.

    I agree with you on publications like the one in this post. I am a working artist (see my other blog – in the left hand side column on Space for Inspiration). It's always so interesting to see the environments people work in when expressing themselves creatively.

    x Charlotta

  2. Oh! Marga qué bonito!!!! me encantaría tenerlo… ¿cómo estas? ¿te viste en AD?

    mil besitos!!!

  3. Hazel 13 years ago

    oooh it's just like poking around someone's home (not that I would do that – I'm too chicken!) I love books such as this one.

  4. Laura 13 years ago

    Looks like a really beautiful collection! I love to see the spaces that people create in – I find them extremely inspiring and they always get me itching to create something myself! I'll have to check this book out – thanks for the little preview and recommendation!

  5. Ooo, so putting this on my to-read list. I love sneaking a peek into peoples' work spaces. It's like peeking into their brains.

  6. Beautiful I love seeing creative work spaces. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Hi Margarita, this looks like a fascinating book! Thanks for popping over to my blog. To answer your question, I've been living in Tenerife for 9 years now. I haven't been back to England for 4 years and I'm starting to feel like I should visit. I do miss the countryside and the changing of the seasons but I love so much about living here, the pace is so much more ME! and you? how long have you been living in London?
    Shelby x

  8. Wow, this looks incredible! Thanks so much for sharing xx

  9. This is a great book – you should look at Lena Corwin's books and a recent studio book from Lotte Jansdotter too!

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