Emma lamb crochet beauties…

Emma lamb crochet beauties…
20 September, 2009 Chocolate Creative
I was browsing Etsy the other day – I have decided to dedicate more time to this shop, I find very difficult to get attention in there, so many sellers, and so many good products. – and I saw Emma Lam’s crochet work, which I have seen already featured in many blogs. I LOVE crochet, my mother makes amazing stuff and spoil me with cushions, scarfs, blankets etc…I am more of knitter myself, but enough of my family…Emma’s approach to this craft is lovely, she has mastered the use of color in her pieces, and managed to keep a retro look that still feels so fresh and unique. I have a lot of respect for designers who use traditional skills and handmade their creations, this is the only way to preserve this so old skills and pass it to new generations!! 
Her blog together with her shop are a great source of inspiration and I love the fact that she is based in Edinburg, one of the most beautiful cities I have visited!

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