Dreaming with a Devol Kitchen

Dreaming with a Devol Kitchen
6 June, 2016 Chocolate Creative

I wanted one of these kitchens
from the moment I first came across Devol in some Interior magazines years ago (I
am addicted to Interior/design magazines, I have a mini library at home of publications
from all the countries I have visited).

My home is very important to me, I tend to
spend my little spare money in the house rather than in fashion or eating out,
etc…I renovated the bathroom a few years back, but the current kitchen is the
original one from when the house was built. It is functional, and in good condition, but not to my taste or as practical as a contemporary kitchen should
be.  So I keep dreaming that one day, I
would be able to have my ideal kitchen.
I like the handmade aspect of their designs
and sustainable production, the textured mix of woods, the neutral use of
colour, and beautiful details. I would have a serious problem trying to choose
which kitchen to go for, as I am equally in love with the moody dark version,
or the rather calm and simple white option, but what about the smoky
cabinets on white walls and natural wood?
Sebastian Cox kitchen 
Devol is totally out of my budget, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the beauty and quality of their designs. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is exquisite. I had the opportunity of seeing their latest collaboration with Sebastian Cox at Clerkenwell Design Week. The simplicity of the cabinets, and combination of natural wood with the choice of dark stained one is quite a success, the rusty country accessories, and over all the way they styled the space won me over.
People say that if you focus on your dreams/goals, visualise them, and
truly believe that they can happen, that most sure they will become a
reality. Margarita will stay focused and will keep dreaming with her new
kitchen, maybe it will happen in the next home? 
Photos by Devol

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