Discovering Gran Canaria – Bañaderos | El Confital

Discovering Gran Canaria – Bañaderos | El Confital
18 September, 2017 Chocolate Creative
discover gran canaria

I just returned from a short week back in Gran Canaria, and have booked my ticket to go back at the end of October. One of my 2017 goals was to travel more often to my home town, to spend time with my family, and rediscover the island.

This time I travelled North, and stayed in the capital Las Palmas. The island has changed a lot since I left 20 years ago. Las Palmas, being the place that has changed the most, is a busy and over populated city, quite a contrast to the rest of the island, specially the North. To visit and experience the island to the full you would need a car, distances are short, and public transport is good, but some places are not reachable by buses, specially small towns and valleys.

We drove to an area called Bañaderos, a small town not far from the capital to walk along the coast line, admire the rough rocky beaches and sea view. Later we stopped at Soledad Big Waves, a surf camp/eco-hostel with life events, music and delicious homemade food. The building has been restored in a very simple way, keeping many original features, such as the floor and wall tiles, wooden and brick work and beautiful elaborate metal door frames.

After lunch we made it to Arucas, a beautiful town just 15 minutes away from the capital. Is this small town full of history and great architecture that I hope to call home in the near future.

El Confital
While in the capital, I usually go everywhere on foot, I am used to London standards, so Las Palmas is a small city in comparison, with and easy layout to get around. There is a long avenue by the sea that takes you from the beginning to the end of the capital bordering the coast line, not a quiet walk though as it runs parallel to the main road that cross the capital, but still quite pleasant.

El Confital beach

One of my favorite places is El Confital, a beach/nature reserve on the North East of La Isleta. It is a magical place, so near the urban city, and at the same time so far from the busy city life. On calm days, it is the perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying nature, and on windy days better to be left to surfers to enjoy the clear waters and waves. After the recent renovation work in the area, El Confital can now be easily reached by car or on foot, walk along Las Canteras beach towards La Puntilla, pass La Isleta and keep walking until you reach the path that will take you down to the beach.

I really like the metal and wooden simple platforms and steps leading to the beach, they blend well with the landscape and are practical for the visitors.

I hope to continue sharing more about the islands, our local customs, people, architecture, landscapes and places of interest.gran canaria_el confitalPhotos by Lazaro and myself 




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