Deer print in the pages of ELLE decoration

Deer print in the pages of ELLE decoration
10 November, 2011 Chocolate Creative
Last Saturday I was having my morning coffee and browsing the latest issue of ELLE Decoration, when I almost had a heart attack, haha…passing the pages and there it was, my deer print among other gorgeous products. I did not know about it at all, so it was a very pleasant surprise to see it in the magazine.
I have this obsession with rearranging things around the house. The print has been in different corners of it, and currently is in my bedroom. I like the contrast of the black graphic image against the light wall blue. Who knows where it will go next…

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  1. the deer print. You should check out my blog where I talk about my own deer print currently in my lounge!

  2. Geri 13 years ago

    que bueno! … me encanta ese print! es mi favorito. xx

  3. ¿Y que hiciste?, ¿Saltar?, ¿gritar?, ¿llamar a los amigos?, menuda sorpresa.

  4. That's a beautiful print. Congratulations 🙂

  5. Qué bien, sobre todo cuando no te lo esperas…..


  6. Lynne 13 years ago

    That's great! Do you have a credit? I have always had a great response to Elle Deco. Am going to buy it to check it out.

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