22 November, 2012 Chocolate Creative

Do you have a theme in mind for this year’s festive season? have you started decorating your home already? I haven’t, this is the busiest time of the year for chocolate creative – lately I look like father xmas in disguise on my many runners to the post office – but I will start from next weekend.  I am not sure of having a xmas tree (Maybe I will make one with some knobs and hooks) as I am flying home on the 23rd, but I will decorate around the house with my own handmade decorations, cushions, etc…plus some other nice things, and wood sticks if I find them in my local park. Above some of my products at my shop.

A reminder of the Last Christmas posting dates
UK: 20th December 
EU: 12th December 
Rest of the World: 5th December

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