14 August, 2015 Chocolate Creative
The first product I ever designed and made for chocolate creative was a cushion. I did it out of need, I wanted some new cushions for my bedroom and living room, and it was an easy medium to try my first pattern designs. Cushions continue to be my favourite products to work on, despite what my mother once said a few years ago. On her first visit to a trade show in London, only after 10 minutes of stepping into the venue, she commented: “Marga, do you think the world needs another cushion” . This phrase has stayed with me ever since, and I often wonder if that is true?? Well, all I can say, is that YES the world needs more cushions, for as along as people continue to buy them, I will continue to make them!!
Updating the look of a room can be easily done on budget. Sometimes, all it needs is a new fresh coat of paint, and some new accessories: cushions, lamps, bed linen, wall art, curtains, etc… 
I hope these photos, (most of them of my house, apart from the one of veronica’s home, and Liberty store in London), inspire you on how to update your home. My style is very eclectic, I like to mix vintage with new designs. I collect old paintings, and mix them with my own prints. The same goes with the furniture pieces. I tend to change the wall colours now and again. The main bedroom is currently painted in blue, the guest bedroom in white, as well as the rest of the house, with the exemption of the grey corridor and black wall in the living room.
English romantic collection: Red and Blue lake cushions £45 each. 

I recently got a prize from Atmine, it was the gorgeous bed linen from Loaf, that you see in the photos, so I decided to add some new cushions to go with the pink, white and grey bed linen set. I tried several combinations with different designs and patterns. You can see how different a room can look, depending on the wall colour, wall art and cushions you choose.

There is a lot of inspiration out there, in the form of interior
magazines, blogs, pinterest, design events, shops, etc…I believe that living in a comfortable, and beautiful space can add quality to your life.
Homes are very important, is where we rest and spend time with
our families and friends, so why not to make the most of what we have?

are millions of products and hundreds of shops/designers out there,
from a very low budget to the most expensive gorgeous things money can
buy, the range is vast, so start making your house a cosy HOME!

Photos by Piero Pierini | Styling by me

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