Decorating a children’s room

Decorating a children’s room
19 July, 2016 Chocolate Creative
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Children’s bedrooms are the most fun to decorate, I don’t have kids myself, (I live with a cat), but If I did, I will create a cosy and interesting space for them to sleep and play. I love styling little one’s rooms, and enjoy very much when I have to put together ideas for the photo-shoot of my products. I am not a fan of strong colours, plastic toys or very modern furniture, so my choice would be to rescue some vintage furniture, mixed with contemporary practical accessories, mixed patterns, textures and add their personal touch, with their drawings, books and clothes. Their bedrooms should be a magical place where they rest, dream and play with their friends and parents.
cushions, wall hooks, display shelves, pencil holder 
The products above can be found in my shop online. They are handmade by Gassy and I.
A pet, would be a great addition to the children’s life. They turn a house into a home. I know that not everybody can have one, but having them makes a house even more special, they have a very positive and loving energy, they give more than they take from us.
Cloud wall hook
  The wall hooks are a fun way to decorate the walls, creating some interesting storage solutions.
ercol table, vintage furniture
Vintage ercol side tables, landscape lampshades, wooden pencil holder, vintage cards game and some greens complete the look. 
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