16 April, 2015 Chocolate Creative
SUN is out, and all I can think of is spending some time by the beach, either here in England or back home in Gran Canaria. I fancy the idea of having a beach hut, somewhere not far from London, with an easy commute, of course this is not going to happen any time soon, but since I am free to dream, I have put together some mood boards for my future beach hut.
I find the colourful beach huts of the English coastline very charming, (we don’t have them in Canary islands), they are like a miniature house, with very little space, so you have to be very creative to create a cosy and comfortable mini home. I like the idea of translating the outside colours into the indoors theme, using the faded pastels or sometimes bright reds, blues and yellows as the colour palette to decorate the inside space. In my beach hut, I would part away from the most obvious coastal look, and I will try some bold, pretty and colourful homewares, I will find practical solutions, like modern plastic chairs for the outdoor, plenty of wall hooks for hanging towels, kitchen-ware, clothes, etc…cosy blankets, cushions, and small and functional furniture, with plenty of storage. Do you own a beach hut? if so, where about?

Hand dyed linens by Hazel Stark 
Photos by me 

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