10 December, 2012 Chocolate Creative
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity of going along to Decor8 author, Holly Becker’s second book, Decorate Workshop launch party in London, at the amazing Anthropolie store in Regent Street. They couldn’t have chosen a better venue for the launch, well, perhaps a place with more room, as we were so many…I was very pleased that they choose London to present the book and that I was around to come along. I enjoyed her first book very much so was looking forward to get my hands on her second publication, plus seeing her, and everybody else. 
The book is full of gorgeous houses, inspiration and most important, plenty of tips and advices of how to decorate your house. I like how she has structured the information by chapters and the clear and easy to follow design. I share the same aesthetics and views on decorating, my house is anything by minimalist, perhaps if I had more space, minimalist would be a choice…but my love for furniture, homewares, vintage, and having the studio here, makes the space a bit crowed and mad, but I like it this way, it is always evolving and changing.

Love how she has decorated her house in Germany, incorporating a studio and work areas.
I was very pleased to meet Holly again, she is such a nice and warm person, not only I admire her great work and determination, but how charming and interesting she is as a person. She is actually the same as in her blog, natural, clear, creative, honest and funny. The room was packed with a very nice crow, in fact some of my fav bloggers were there, so nice to see them now and again, chat about our work and life in general. I thought I wouldn’t have the chance to say hello and have a little chat with her, but I did, I think I was the last person to have the book signed by her.
Holly and Will talking about the book and below we all gathered at the event.
Kate, Sian and myself met at the event to celebrate the book launch and have some us time, as we are always so busy that can’t meet up as often as we wish. We were very happy to Sian bear’s kits now being stoked at Anthropologie, how cool is that?? This is the best photo of the ones we took as we couldn’t stop laughing, and talking…Love you girls. 
I declare Anthropologie the best dressed store in London, with and impressive selection of products and clothes, the displays are simply gorgeous and super creative, I find going in there like being in a surprise box, full of things I want to bring home with me; and I always leave feeling inspired by their vision and creativity. Below some pictures of how the store is currently looking.

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