Deborah Bowness hand printed wall papers

Deborah Bowness hand printed wall papers
22 March, 2009 Chocolate Creative

Deborah Bowness has been designing and hand-printing wallpaper for 8 years, developing her unique trompe l’oeil style in a series of highest quality papers.
Her wallpapers are easy to hang with paste but also look good hung by pins or from coat hangers for a more temporary fix.

Her new range of wallpapers included ‘new antique books’ and ‘vases’. by combining photography with silkscreen she designs and makes digital and hand printed wallpapers. she produces site specific commisions, limited edition prints and has a made to measure ready made collection.
They have captivated me so much that I am saving to invest in one of this gorgeous designs, my favorite is the one with the birds cages, they go very well with my house and they can make a place look totally unique and personal!!

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