DAWN DUPREE textiles

DAWN DUPREE textiles
12 March, 2009 Chocolate Creative

Dupree creates evocative, semi-abstract urban landscapes by building up printed layers of colour and images. They are full of unexpected surprises and juxtapositions each telling a separate narrative often slightly unsettling undertones. ‘I like to make things that are attractive, colourful and have a visual richness so that people are forced to look a bit more closely at them and see unexpected things,’ she says.

Here are some of her home range prints, her cushions are like canvas, almost like a one off, her work has always inspires me very much, her experimental approach and the mix technique she uses make this cushions quite unique and very desirable pieces. 
A piece of art on its own right!!
To read more about her work visit: Themaking.org.uk.

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  1. wow these are great, thanks for sharing!



  2. did you know about the show of her work at London Printworks in Brixton? Just got back from the PV for her new book. gxx

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