Cute tatoo and prints by Julia Pott

Cute tatoo and prints by Julia Pott
7 December, 2009 Chocolate Creative

Just saw this cute tattoos over at loveitalot blog, and couldn’t resist to post about it…This cat and dog tattoo makes me smile, what a brilliant idea!!

This illustrations and tattoos are from Julia Pott, a Londoner freelance animator and illustrator. Her work is full of humor and cuteness. I love the animal A3 poster series, the knitted clothing, the hilarious words and the pencil/ink marks, combined with the subtlety of the patterns and colors.

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  1. it's been a while since an illustration has caught my eye and these have certainly done that… love the bottom one 🙂

    couldn't figure out how to contact you but yes! you are welcome to my 'whatnot' christmas tree pictures… have a lovely christmas full of glee
    Tif x

  2. Yolksy 14 years ago

    These are great! This got me thinking…do you think this tattoo style will really catch on?

  3. I hope so! I find it so funny and different, I may have it as a temporal one on my arm haha…I love cats and this one is so cute!!

  4. wonderful blog!!! i really like the tatoo because i think they are a kind of art. they usually represent a part of ourselves. absolutely beautiful.
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