craft central – a great space for nurturing your creativity and knowledge

craft central – a great space for nurturing your creativity and knowledge
15 June, 2010 Chocolate Creative

I joined craft central a few weeks ago, and I am very glad I did. Another very good thing I have done is to quit my graphic design freelance job. I have been working a lot lately and felt I wasn’t dedicating enough time and energy to my business and as a result was feeling very frustrated and tired of having to deal with so many things in my life. So from now on I will be working mainly in chocolatecreative, I feel very inspired and happy, and at the same time a bit nervous as I am doing this with hardly any financial back up, but I am very determined to make it happen, after all, it is where my heart and my passion are!!

So being part of a creative network such as craft central is essential to me, I admit it, I am not superwoman and need hep with different areas of the business, so today I had a very good day, I attended my first event, a press and PR tips and writing workshop, where I learned very useful information and met very nice women who were in the same position as me. So if you are trying to make your business happen, go out there and ask for hep!! To start with, I send you a lot of positive energy from London, so good luck with it, you can make it happen!!

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  1. Praga, que suerte!!! Lo vas a pasar genial!!! Qué gracia, porque tengo un planete parecido, me voy a Amsterdam, pero ya en Septiembre!

    En madrid, al lado de AD, está Antenae, no se si la conoces, pero tienen muchos cojines, y te pega!!! Bueno vas a alucinar, la tienda es preciosa! En la europea también tienen cojines bonitos (pero son un poco :s), sigo pensando a ver si se me ocurre más…

    Mil besitos!!!

  2. Go for it 🙂

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