Coming soon NEW hooks and knobs

Coming soon NEW hooks and knobs
12 September, 2011 Chocolate Creative
It is being over a year that I started to think of how I could make knobs, what material, shape, design, etc…I love painting and restoring old pieces of furniture, and I guess the knobs were an obvious choice when thinking of what new products I could add the the collections of textiles and ceramics. I have spent the past few months together with Gassy, developing these new hooks and knobs (they will be soon available from my shop) to launch in time for 100% Design. They are made of plywood, we tried different kind of wood and colors, but I found plywood to be the most contemporary. I like the contracts of it with the flat colors and vintage images. I will talk about the process more in detail in another post, but for the time being I leave you with some photos, that Vini took today. I just wish I had more time to think more about how to style the photos, as sometimes I act on impulse and rush things, oh well, maybe next time I will be more organised and prepared!

(photos Vinicius Salles)

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  1. Marga! qué tal? o estamos de vacas, ojalá 🙂 estamos super centrados en la casita de margaux y con muchísimo trabajo en la revista! sí que mi blog lo tengo completamente abandonado! Es una pena pero a ver si ahora con la jornada normal empiezo otra vez a coger el ritmo 🙂 Oye me encantan, me encantan, me vuelven loquísima esos tiradores de flores!!! Los necesito 🙂 Mil besitos!!!

  2. Te puse en el blog, estoy super enamorada, de verdad, avísame cuando pueda comprartelos, porque los quiero!!!! Mil besitos!!!

  3. Anonymous 13 years ago

    They are amazing!! Seriously, they will fly off the shelves, I hope Gassy is ready to make tonnes of them..Kate xx

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