CLIVES’s work

CLIVES’s work
23 April, 2009 Chocolate Creative
I saw Clive’s latest work at the ‘Have you seen this head’ event, organised by SLAGTIME.ORG a couple of weeks ago. Clive previously worked as a Toy designer and at the time he started to sculpt figures in clay, this process has freed him to explore new creative areas. He describe his work as: ‘The characters I create are those who choose to push the boundaries of what is considered normal society. That is not to say that they are necessarily desperate or bad but choose to express themselves on their skin. A commitment which takes great courage.Their individual journey mapped out on their skin, each bust has its own story to tell of which we can only speculate.’
There is this  quality of vulnerability in the characters that I like a lot, plus the fabric inspired decoration in the on glaze enamels, (done by his wife Elaine). 

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