Clerkenwell design week

Clerkenwell design week
22 May, 2012 Chocolate Creative
Welcome sunny Tuesday in London, here I am recovering from the mad weekend, house full of people, and my dear friends visiting from Barcelona, sometimes I spend months without socialising much and then this rushes of friends, people, talking happen I love it!! Now that the Open House is over, it is time for me to take on the next adventure, the preparations for Pulse and the event itself. I must admit that I am nervous and stress about it already, I have exhibited in a couple of big important shows already, but I always feel unprepared and the pressure of showing my work alongside so many talented designers doesn’t help to feel at easy either. I am very lucky to have friends who are exhibiting too, so we can prepare, organise and help each other in this process, so from here thanks girls for being there, I so much appreciate having you all!
If you are in London don’t miss the Clerkenwell design week, which starts today, plenty of the best designs on display, big and small independent brands would be selling/showing their work across the different venues taken part, my visits would include, craft central Summer open studios, don’t miss it, highly recommend it!

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  1. Acabo de descubrir tu blog, me ha encantado.
    besos desde españa

  2. Anonymous 12 years ago

    nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

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