19 August, 2013 Chocolate Creative
Hello hello long time not seeing you!
I have been away from the blog, giving priority to the every day work that goes on in the studio. In about a month I will be exhibiting in TENT London, and there is lots to organise and do before the show. Pay the invoices, yes that is compulsory, work out the design of the stand, get electrics, marketing, products, etc…ready for the big day. But I miss being here so I will try my best…
Browsing stylist Charlotte David blog, I came across this project by Christopher, this photos were taken in his many travels and show different places that have in common the use of big scenic wallpaper. I have totally fallen for his photography of not so very glamorous places, take the laundry shop for example, or the barber’s, love it love it, very dated, 50’s/60’s/70’s but so NOW too, in fact I really want to do something similar in my house, you wait and see…Do you like this look?

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  1. Es algo verdaderamente atractivo, cuando descubres uno de esos murales fotográficos en algún sitio no puedes dejar de mirarlos…. yo recuerdo perfectamente uno de estilo tropical que había en el Viva María, la mítica zumería de Santa Cruz…. imagino que ya no estará… quien sabe….

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