Christmas Gift tags

Christmas Gift tags
30 November, 2011 Chocolate Creative
Hola Hola, I am back from the madness, I have been out and about in different shows, and have to admit I am glad to be back at my home/studio. 3 different shows in 1 week, it is a bit too much, my body does not cope well with dragging the products across London, day after day…Thanks Carmen for looking after my stand at Craft central, and Tina for bringing me warm soup etc…I will post soon some photos of the shows. 
I am very excited that Christmas is round the corner, I hope to start decorating the house this weekend, and planning for the open house at my home/studio, and most important only 3 weeks left before I fly home to mum, boyfriend, and sunny weather. I have made some Christmas products and will be posting about them as I go. 
I love working with japanese tape, and glassine paper, my colors are very neutral black, red and white, and the designs are simple illustrations in black, based on some of my previous designs such as the deer cameo. Each pack has 8 tags in 4 different designs. 

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  1. Son divinos Marga…. yo también estoy enganchada al washi tape

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