11 March, 2015 Chocolate Creative
If I had more than 1 house, I will decorate them quite differently, I will keep some elements the same, but I will try different pieces and styles. I treat my house as a playground for my interior ideas, testing and trying furniture, colours, etc…every time my friends come around, they spend a good few minutes wondering what I have changed since they last were here. I move furniture around, paint the walls, add new cushions or vintage pieces, etc…
Las week, I was invited to a press event organsied by Houzz and hosted at HQ in Chelsea. I always laugh (I rather laugh than cry) at the fact that depending on where you are in London, views on life, people’s behaviours/manners, income, styles, etc…can vary so much from place to place, people who knows London well will know what I am talking about. Get the train form Peckham to Chelsea, (a 30m ride) and you will see what I mean, needless to say I am a Peckham girl!!

For me, there are a few essentials pieces in a house, a good big comfy bed, a decent good sofa, and a big steady dining table. The aim now is to achieve a decent budget to go on the hunt for these perfect pieces. One of my favourite shops to look for a sofa is, I like their quality, style and variety of designs and fabrics to choose from, I particularly like their latest collaboration with independent brand Thornback and Peel, the end result is quirky and fun. I would choose a more classic style for my house in London, and a more modern modular one for the house in Gran Canaria, (remember this is me day dreaming! I am allow, yeah!)

I leave you with plenty of inspiration, choose from a neutral grey in linen, or a more pattern based design, there are so many to choose from!

In love with this cosy bedroom and bed
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