19 February, 2009 Chocolate Creative

I have been doing some research into cross stitching and embroidery for my own work, I am fascinated by this process, so crafted and old in tradition. I am lucky to have a mother who is so skilled at this. Where she comes from (Canary Islands, Spain), the tradition of making your own goods, clothes, home linens, bedding, etc…is a one that is disparaging very fast, so I would like somehow bring back this amazing work into our century, and hope that will continue to grow rather that extinguish for ever.

She started at the age of 8, and used to gather outside the house with the older women in her village, stitching their way into the evening, chatting and making this very beautiful items that survive the times.

My mother and me worked on this designs together, tomorrow I am off home for a week and will be trying new things with her.  I will take some pictures of the traditional embroidery work and post it so you can see the amazing pieces this women work on.
I have got some pieces she gave me, they are quite old and my treasure!

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  1. I haven’t cross stitched in forever! I love these designs!

  2. Anonymous 15 years ago

    Well I thought the stitching was by machine….beautiful stitching. I’m impressed!

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