chocolate creative relocates to Gran Canaria – Islas Canarias

chocolate creative relocates to Gran Canaria – Islas Canarias
17 April, 2019 Chocolate Creative
Arucas, Gran Canaria

chocolate creative has relocated to Gran Canaria, Spain. After 21 years in London, where the brand was born, it was time to return to my home town. I left London last September and have been busy settling into the new house/studio, learning my way around and getting used to the new town/surroundings.

chocolate creative studio

creative live

facade tiles

The new studio | creative space

chocolate creative now runs from my new studio in the ground floor of my home. The studio can be visited by appointment only, and products can be purchased online as usual, or if you are in the island and fancy a trip to beautiful Arucas, please get in touch to arrange a visit.

Trade will continue as usual. From now on orders will be dispatched from the studio in Gran Canaria worldwide, shipping costs will stay the same and lead times are as follows: one week to the UK/EU, two weeks rest of the world.

I am delighted to introduce the new studio assistant, Isidoro. He is a rather curious energetic kitten that I adopted a few months ago. He enjoys fast long runs around the house, and helps with packing duties. He can also be found sleeping in a cosy corner of the studio.

ginger cat sidoro

Arucas, a small city North of Gran Canaria

I have moved to Arucas, a small historic city in the North of Gran Canaria. After living in London for over 20 years I wanted to be in a place where I could enjoy greenery, parks, beautiful scenery and still be near the coast, countryside and the capital Las Palmas. Arucas offers all of that plus some fine examples of colonial architecture, stunning buildings and the quiet lifestyle of a small town, but is very well connected to the rest of the island.

It is not a perfect place, neither was Peckham/London, where I lived before moving back to the island, but it is a good place to start my new life in the Canaries!

Arucas, Gran CanariaParque de Las Flores: A lush park in the middle of the city dating back to the Victorian times.

Iglesia de ArucasLa parroquia de San Juan Bautista: A stunning church build of local grey stone.

Cactus park

Jardin de la Marquesa: (above and below pictures) I can’t believe this is just 20 minutes walk from my house. An amazing garden in the grounds of a colonial style town house in the middle of banana plantations.

The green tiled 1920s period house

I needed a place where I could live and work…I made an offer on this property, without seeing it in person and when I was still in London. It was not love at first sight, but one of the reasons I chose it was that it has separate front doors, one leading directly to the front room where the new studio is, and the other to the house.

It is a big house dating back to the 1920s. It has a very distinctive facade, decorated with stunning metro green tiles and grey stone (piedra de canteria de Arucas) – a very sought-after stone produced in Arucas.

facade tiles

The top floor, where we live, has very decorative terrazzo floors, that have been very well preserved, as well as art deco wall tiles, and doors. I am planning to renovate this floor first, so I will be showing the progress as I go.

rattan chair

chocolate creative may have relocated to Gran Canaria but business continues as usual. I am happy with this decision, as it has brought me near my family, much-needed sunshine and the opportunity to work closely with Gassy (my colleague, who makes the wooden items) developing new products. I hope you stay with us and continue to support chocolate creative. 

original art printPhoto credit: Lucía Martínez

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