31 May, 2013 Chocolate Creative
The wooden hooks and knobs are back in stock. We struggle to get enough stock of all the colours and designs, since they sell faster than we can make them. For first time in a while we have managed to make enough units to keep the shop stock up to date. Below are a few samples of how some very nice customers have used the products. I will be soon sending out a newsletter with a competition for the best customer’s photos. I recently bought a new computer and managed to loose quite a lot of my email’s data on the transfer process from the old mac to the new one, don’t ask me why or how…So apologises if I have delayed the competition.
Sarah revamped the white wardrobes in her children’s bedroom with 
some colourful knobs, more about Sarah at:
Minttu chose this wall hooks for her gorgeous new bathroom.

Clare Young use of the wall hooks in her newly renovated house in Australia, 
see more of house at:

Jilke customisation of the wall hooks for her nursery, see more of her work at:

Leire, in Spain, finished her new fitted wardrobes with some plain white wooden knobs.
Photos by customers

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