Chocolate Creative at Website Bakery

Chocolate Creative at Website Bakery
10 May, 2010 Chocolate Creative

Good morning to all! Nice weekend? Mine was good, I was at Hilary’s house during the East Dulwich festival, met nice people, ate cakes, bought some nice things for my friend’s babies, ate more, drunk a lot of tea…Kimberly from Website bakery wrote to me to let me know about my work being included in her lovely website, an exhibition and inspiration showcase gallery that aggregates art, design, web design, illustration, handmade, products, etc. Curated by Kimberly Coles, Creative Director, Illustrator and Web Designer.  If you make nice things or are looking for some inspiration or great buys, pop around the site.

Buenos dias a todas/os que tal en fin de semana? Yo lo pase en el fesitval de East Dulwich, comiendo demasiados pasteles, amburguesas y bebiendo te…Anoche recibi un email de Kimberly diciendome que habia incluido Chocolate Creative en su pagina Website Bakery, un espacio dedicado a arte, ilustracion, artesania, diseno, etc…creado por Kimberly Coles,

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  1. kim 14 years ago

    Thanks for including this on the blog. I just now found it because there weren't links back from the weloveindie site 🙂

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