Chidren of Butham

Chidren of Butham
9 June, 2009 Chocolate Creative
This beautiful photos were taken by my dear friend Juan Romero, he is not a professional photographer, but a well travelled man with more than a good eye.  He has travelled almost everywhere in every continent, and has taken amazing pictures that so kindly share with all his friends.  I have always loved his spiritual vision of the places he has visited, but the photos that have won my heart, are the series about children. This are from Butham, he went travelling around this beautiful and unknown country, and in his way met all this amazing children. It has taken me a while to select some pictures to show here, there are so unique and inspiring!!! The children seems to be so cheerful and free, they live up in the hills with not much of everyday commodities and still are able to show this big smiles and be willing to welcome a stranger, they are truly the treasure of the country!!

Juan is planning a trip back to Butham, and I am hoping to come with him, I own this trip to my soul and myself!!

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  1. Rachel 15 years ago

    these kids looks so much like the native kids here in Benguet… 🙂 they're soooo adorable!

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