Chesterfield, still my favorite…

Chesterfield, still my favorite…
30 November, 2009 Chocolate Creative

I keep seeing chesterfield sofas all over the place, it seems than they here to stay for a long time…Who could have predicted that this leather buttoned design, favorite of the English gentleman’s clubs in the Victorian time, was going to be many many years later part of our homes, shops, pubs, bars, etc…

A couple of years ago I was on my way to the supermarket, when I spotted this cherry beauty on the street, in a secondhand shop, I sat on it and started to dream about how would I take it home and where would I put it, (at the time I was renting a room in a house)…all I knew was, that it meant to come home with me!! So I paid £75 for it and begged the shop’s owner to bring it home for me. Since then, has moved to a better location, my current home, and is the pride of the living room, and even being the inspiration for one of my designs, long life to my chesterfield!!

Chocolate Creative
Via Flea market style book

This gorgeous version is from Hossack and Gray
(Sofa c. 1880 All of the fabric was antique linens; sheets, flour sacks, hand dyed remnants. Oh, and that’s an antique Welsh wool blanket over it!)

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  1. Love the hossak and grey photo! I've also been following some of the artists exhibiting at Trumans Xmas market. Looks like there's a real hotbed of UK talent there!

  2. Anonymous 14 years ago

    I have been a fun of chesterfield sofas for years. Original British ones are the best. I have found recently Chesterfield NYC in the meatpacking district of New York. They carry tons of leathers and they custom make in different sizes in England. I especially love the hand dyed ones. check it out

    let me know what you think

  3. Theres some stunning examples of the chesterfield sofa on there… we're getting loads of orders for patchwork chesterfields at the moment as it seems that the classic chesterfield has seen a massive resurgence in popularity during 2009 (fingers crossed for 2010)

    Distinctive Chesterfields

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