23 August, 2012 Chocolate Creative

Looking for a storage trolley for my new bathroom came across this two different versions of the same trolley. I had my eye on the most expensive one from homeware store baileys, and have just seen this other fake one in Ikea, for a fraction of the price. Yes totally fake in my opinion, baileys have been doing this trolleys for a long time, they used to have them in pale green and now in grey, and has never seen them anywhere else. Sometimes Ikea feels like ZARA, good design out there, why not to do our own much cheaper version instead of coming up with our own designs? Of course Ikea and ZARA can  produce this pieces to a very low price, after all they are the big boys! while us, small independent designers/retailers will continue to produce products that later will be spotted by them or any other big ones and sold at a price that we will never be able to compete with.

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  1. i even like the ikea version better!!! have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Que chula. Yo tambien reparé en esta estantería carrito, pero para mi cocina. Me quedo con Ikea.

  3. Guys ikea?? I don't believe it haha..

  4. Tengo el de Ikea, desde hace unos meses es mi carrito-bar, pero en turquesa… Busqué otro más original, pero como se han puesto de moda están por las nubes… imposibles

  5. Lynne 12 years ago

    But I don't think Bailey's designed them. They're vintage shoe trays from a factory and I think they were a pretty common design. I've actually got my eye on that Ikea trolley; am definitely planning to get one.

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