Charlie Dale mysterious work

Charlie Dale mysterious work
12 July, 2009 Chocolate Creative

Yesterday I spent the afternoon visiting New Designers. Another year, another success for the show!! From the moment I step in the venue, my eyes always start wondering around, it takes me a while to focus and start looking closely at the amazing work on display. If you have been before you probably have experienced the same feeling.

I don’t have words to describe the talent and amazing people I saw and met at the show. They are very friendly and have got a great passion about their work that I find so refreshing!!. I will be posting some designers here in the following weeks, (I hope they send the images so I can share with you the fantastic work I saw on display).

I am going to start the tour with Charlotte Dale from Brighton University. She specialise in jewellery, ceramics and costumes. She was very nice and took her time to explain me about her work. Work I found very interesting, she uses cameos as part of her inspiration, (as well as me), and has created this creatures out of ceramics, matching cloth textures. And finally but not last her yewerelly is so beautiful and has got a gothic look that is so seductive and rich. 

In her words…I find inspiration all around me and I don’t feel limited to working in one medium or style.

Rapunzel theme…here is me wearing the piece climbing the walls! I have used the mirrors all the way through the series and I like how it ties them together.

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