Cambodian´s childrens by Juan Romero

Cambodian´s childrens by Juan Romero
22 August, 2009 Chocolate Creative
Enjoy this photos by Juan Romero, a constant traveler and friend of mine. This beautiful children were as he told the best thing he met in his travel. They were happy, content with their lives, friendly and curious about new things, adorable kids!! I remember having the same experience when I travel around Thailand, I brought back with me this great experience and memories of having met this amazing kids and people in general!!
Disfruta estas fotos de Juan Romero, un eterno viajante y damante de esta parte de Asia. 
Los crios son Adorables!!

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  1. wonderful photos, thanks.

  2. those children are beautiful.

    and thanks for your comment. you can definitely post the doilies 🙂 xo

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