12 October, 2013 Chocolate Creative

Hello Saturday, I should be out and about with my friends enjoying the sunshine, but tiredness and this stupid cold has finally catch up with me, so instead I have stayed at home, taken the day easy and trying different ways of wrapping the products. Christmas is round the corner, so I am organising the stock, and wrapping materials for the season. I am going to focus on smaller product ranges, perfect for this season gifts. I will introduce the new set of wall hooks that will be sold in a unit of 3 designs/colours, and if I have time to launch the ipad cases, make more purses and a few other things. I like to keep the packaging simple, with brown boxes, tubes and white tissue paper as my branding is quite colourful  and busy, stickers and cards from moo.  If budget would allowed it, I would have bespoke boxes and branded tissue paper, but I have to make the most of what I have, which is very basic. Ok enough of work for today, Missi, the cat, is calling my attention, it must be lunch and movie/sofa lounging time, enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  1. v 11 years ago

    very pretty!

  2. Precioso Marga!!!

  3. Sencillo y bonito

  4. Ohh thanks girls, I am hopefully taken some new photos of the packaging soon, as i am rubbish at it.

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