Books wish list

Books wish list
6 February, 2009 Chocolate Creative

Ok..there’s no order or link to these books, other than they are all desired by me, so if you’re thinking what to buy me for my next b’day’s the wish list.

Starting with utterly stunning innovations from Japan, it’s bound to be fascinating,

Just a wonderful set of books, Art Textiles of the World cover numerous countries and areas with a diverse range of practioners. I have the Japanese one which is particularly good, but Scandinavia volumes 1&2 are on the list as is…

Artic Clothing! which I have been obsessed with since visiting the British Museum to look at parkas made of skin – gross, I know but when that’s all you’ve got, you’d be very grateful for a bit of carabou skin! Anyway, it’s available from the Selvedge online bookshop.

On a more print-based theme, a cheeky number called Hand Job along with the inspiring Fingerprint. Both along the theme of using hand drawing in graphics, moving away from computer led design or combining the two.

Bloom by Trend Forecaster Li Edelkoort isn’t actually on my wish list, because I already have it – lucky me! I couldn’t resist sharing it with you as it is so utterly beautiful. Every chapter is devoted to a new theme exploring colour, shape and texture of plants and flowers – a must have for any designer or chi-chi coffee table. It is a collection of images taken from the style magazine she publishes and if you click HERE it’ll take you to a very interesting interview with the lady herself

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  1. That bloom book looks and sounds beautiful. I might need to add that to my wish list. Lovely blog!

  2. Thanks Rachel, I guess you can get the books on Amazon, I just went to look at your blog, From now on on of my everyday stops!!!

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