Blogs, Etsy, and the great designers community out there…

Blogs, Etsy, and the great designers community out there…
6 October, 2009 Chocolate Creative

I have taken 2 days off work this week, (graphic design) to dedicate my entire time to my textiles business, plus Thursday which I already have to work on my cushions. But there is always something else going on that doesn’t allow me to focus on my work. Anyway here I am doing some bits on the blog, I just wish I could dedicate a few hours everyday to write and make beautiful posts, most of the time I am rushing, and that translate into very bad writing, even in Spanish, (my native language). So I apoligize from here for not writing as well as I would like and not posting on both languages all the time. I am sure once the economy recover I will be able to work full time on my textiles and therefore have more time to dedicate to our blog.

I wanted to thanks two clever ladies who recently posted about my Cameos cushion on their blogs, they found me on Etsy, the same way I have come across very inspirational work from many talented designers and makers that you get to see in here. I just wanted to point out how important the blog community has became to spread the word about our own work and get to know people from all over the world who share the same interests and passion for craft and design.

Carisa just started her blog ‘Hello Little riley’, I can see a promising future in here, so far so good…She made a nice selection of silhouettes…check it out here
Suzy from ‘Beyond the Pale’ made this very insteresting post about cameos, and funny enough just got her email after I have seen the new series ‘Emma’ on TV, as well as her…read her post to know all about it…

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  1. Rachel 15 years ago

    from the screenshots you shared these two new blogs look fabulous! Congratulations!

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