9 May, 2013 Chocolate Creative
Feeling inspired by wood, a simple colour palette, cement, plants…I am working on a new line of bags and purses, (number 5),  still in the prototype stage, using Argentinian leather for the handles, and the latest houses geometric pattern. Quite a lot going on right now, just applied for a Trade show in London, cutting 42 meters of fabrics to make up the cushions, preparing for printing the new tea towels,   and a long etc…quite enjoying the whole process, and making sure I do look after myself, by watching what I eat and following my exercise routine, I walk, do Pilates and an a exersices plan to keep me fit. I need to be healthy so I can perform well at work, be a good friend, daughter, partner etc…

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  1. Qué alegría saber que vienes. Mañana hay uno de esos eventos que te encantaría. Hasta prontito bellísima.

  2. Esa bolsa tiene muy buena pinta Marga…. deseando ver más…..

  3. Por cierto, qué buena pinta tiene la nueva colección como todo lo que haces Marga. Estoy deseando verlo todo.

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