Before and after £10 chairs

Before and after £10 chairs
11 November, 2010 Chocolate Creative
There is nothing I like more than decorating my house, browsing flea markets, junk shops, looking for old pieces of furniture than has seen better days and bringing them to life, moving things around, etc…A while ago I found these 4 old chairs for £10, they are very comfortable, all they needed, was a good clean and a bit of love, so I decided to paint hem in black, why black?? because I seem to be going mad about B&W interiors, with natural wood and vintage finds!!

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  1. Just super ! We did the same with a couch for only 75 €

  2. Hazel 14 years ago

    They look amazing…

  3. That looks stunning – well done!

  4. Mrs M 14 years ago

    I like!!! Looks great!

  5. Qué bonitas te han quedado! Y… dónde has reubicado las otras?

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