4 March, 2014 Chocolate Creative
Hello everybody, how is the week being so far? My days continue to be dedicated to the new designs, ideas, etc…I am enjoying the process very much, I have been drawings lots and making even more planning. On Saturday I visited the green conservatory at the Barbican; OMG what a beauty, have you ever been in there? It is amazing, all that greenery and collection of tropical plants in the center of the City. I really enjoyed my day out, and even more after I discovered the cactus green house, that for my misfortune couldn’t being unlocked…They couldn’t find the key, so I waited and waited outside the door, hoping someone would come and open it for me…but they never did!
So after £30 less in my pocket, lunch and cake in my tommy, and hours of walking, I returned home with not many drawings, but plenty of inspiration anyway. 
Above some ideas I have put together for prints, they are going to be in big format and hand printed by me Hurrah!! I can’t wait to start printing, this time outside my home/studio, I want to get messy, and really enjoy the printing process, impossible task at home. Below,  the cactus room being locked, so a view from the outside world, where I was…Nice evening and rest of the week!
Photos by me

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  1. Me gusta mucho la forma que va tomando tu trabajo… mucho

  2. Gracias, me esta costando sacar nuevos productos, demasiadas ideas…

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