{atelier abigail ahern} Interiors

{atelier abigail ahern} Interiors
5 October, 2009 Chocolate Creative

I have spent the past hour browsing Abigail’s blog, reading her views on interiors, and stearing with my eyes wide open at the amazing photos of her house and other interiors that are featured in her blog. Since the first time I stepped in her shop in Islington I fell for her sense of styling and the things that she finds for the shop and the different spaces she helps to create. I am sure that by now you are all familiar with her work, if not, here are some photos that I selected from her beautiful and inspirational blog.

(Photos via atelier abigail ahern)

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  1. Adele 15 years ago

    These rooms are amazing. It must be great to have the freedom to create such unique interiors.

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