Artists and their interiors: Kathy Dalwood

Artists and their interiors: Kathy Dalwood
16 February, 2010 Chocolate Creative
I am starting this new series called ‘Artists and their interiors’ with British artist and designer Kathy Dalwood home and work. I have always been fascinated by people’s houses and how they choose to decorate their spaces, and find most interesting the ones of creative people, as their house sometimes become and extension of their work. I take as an example myself, the colors and textures in my textiles are very present in my house.
Kathy Dalwood home, fascinated me, her use of pinks, turquoises, greens and flowers take me back to the Cuban and Brazilians interiors. The result could have been quite loud and colorful, but manages to keep it relaxed by toning down this colors with neutral greys and whites. Her website and blog are full of surprises, I have felt very inspired by her work and designs, I am very happy to have found such a talented woman, and I am sure you will enjoy her work and style as much as I do!!
Ya hace algún tiempo que qería crear una nueva serie dedicada a artistas y a sus espacios, se llamará ‘Ártists and their interiors’. Siempre he sentido fascinación por las casas de la gente, su decoración, objetos, etc…pero mi gran interés ha sido sobre todo en los espacios de artistas/diseñadores, ya que a veces sus casas se convierten en una extensión de su trabajo. Este es el caso de la artista/diseñadora británica Kathy Dalwood. Su hogar es una caja de sorpresas, colores rosas, turquesas, verdes, flores, que me recuerdan tanto a las casas de Cuba y Brasil. Los muebles de diferentes estilos y la mexcla de objetos, todo esto da vida a un hogar cómodo y muy interesante. Su web y blog son una pasada, cuanto talento en una sola mujer!!

The figurines in this collection are rough concrete re-casts of porcelain and plaster originals, hunted down in backwaters here and abroad, from Thrift stores in the Appalachian mountains to flea markets in France and Belgium and sea-side junk shops – and the search goes on!

This is one of my favorites pieces, and amazed me how she has translated the textiles textures and shapes into this decorative plaster work piece from the Tudor period garments. I strongly recommend to visit her blog to fully understand the process and gain and inside into her pieces and inspiration.

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  1. these are great. thanks for the intro.

    the throw cushions in the house are lovely 🙂

  2. Fantastic post! Gorgeous home with lovely, lovely things, positively drooling over that bedside lamp!

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