22 July, 2014 Chocolate Creative
I have recently finished printing the NEW botanical series art prints at a local printing studio, Sonsoles Print Studio, in Peckham, 5 minutes away from my home/studio. I used to print at home, but since I spent quite a bit of money on a new bathroom with white tiles I decided that it wasn’t a very good idea to continue the printing at my home based studio, (I cried every time is saw the splashes of black ink on the new tiles), plus my set up is not ideal, specially for big format prints. 
I have always enjoyed printmaking, specially the screen printing process, I love getting messy, mixing the inks and seeing the final results, not so much all the preparation, cleaning, washing off the screens, ink all over my hands, nails, arms and clothes…
The latests series is about botanicals, cactus, and related family of plants, I get inspirations from the gardens back home in Gran Canaria, Kew Gardens and the Barbican center in London, photos I see on internet, magazines, exhibitions, etc…I try to plan my work, but I seem to improvise lots to. I am not a very organised person when it comes to my ideas and creative process, I am in fact a bit all over the place, that is why my work can look so different at times, but somehow I bring cohesiveness into it, by using the same colours, applying the same techniques, using the same materials and finally styling the photos to bring them all together. 

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