28 January, 2009 Chocolate Creative

I discovered Arthur Bispo do Rosario’s work a while ago, (born in Brazil, 1909-89), and have been his fan since them. He refused to call himself an artist, but to me he was a great one with a divine touch, and very skilled hands. Bispo’s artifacts were crafted out of whatever he could lay his hands on, linen from the hospital – were he was confined to live his life – or any material he could recycle, old shoes, plastic bottles, household stuff, old frames, etc… His needlework is one to watch for.

My house is full of things that had a previous life before they became my possessions, my chesterfield sofa, the old farm table, the wood cabinet, the old cups, textiles, etc…
Here I leave you with the debate ART or CRAFT?? How many amazing craft pieces we see every day that should be elevated to the ART category?
If you want to find out more about his work, google him. you will be surprised!!

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