Art and Ghosts magical creatures

Art and Ghosts magical creatures
2 September, 2009 Chocolate Creative
Since I was little I have always been fascinated by fairytales, and the small creatures that live in the forest, (all in my head obviously) that is why I feel so connected to this beautiful digital drawings by Art and Ghosts. A complex process of digital collage, where she merges photography with hand drawn illustration, I strongly recommend a visit to her webstite, there is a new world of her awaiting to be discover…
Desde que era pequena, siempre me he sentido atradia por las adas, nomos y toda esa fantasia de pequenas criaturas que viven en el bosque, (obviamente todo esta en mi cabeza), es por eso que siento una gran coneccion con el trabajo de Art and Ghosts. Estos dibujos digitales son collages que mezclan fotografia y dibujos a mano. Les recominedo que visiten su pagina, todo un mundo nuevo esperando a ser descubierto…

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