Apartment in Primrose Hill by Amos Goldreich Architecture

Apartment in Primrose Hill by Amos Goldreich Architecture
1 December, 2015 Chocolate Creative

When it comes to interiors, I don’t have a defined style, I can either go for something very clean and modern or a more vintage old and eclectic style. Either way, white walls or neutral colours are my must. I am very interested in renovation projects of old properties, I will always be more in favour of rescuing an old property than in building a new one. Even a small simple flat can become a beauty if well renovated.

This flat in Primrose Hill has been renovated by Amos Goldreich Architecture studio. A small 60-square metre space has been converted in a practical living space filled with light, contemporary furniture, and added touches of colours by using colourful homewares. You can see the before and after pictures of the project here. How by using quality materials and clever space solutions they have created a beautiful and cosy flat. I like the simplicity of the open layout and the white bespoke furniture units. I can see my range of wooden knobs and bespoke handles being used in projects like this, adding the final touch.

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  1. amosg 9 years ago

    Dear Margarita. Thank you very much for featuring our project with your followers. Much appreciated. We like you knobs and handles! 🙂

  2. I love the project, I am glad you like my products!

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