Amelia Critchlow beautiful art

Amelia Critchlow beautiful art
19 October, 2009 Chocolate Creative

I met Amelia for first time last weekend at the Wandsworth Artists’ open house event, together with some other lovely girls!! We spent a weekend eating cakes, drinking tea and chatting, and showing our work to the public. In between all of this we exchanged a cushion of mine for a piece of her that now seats in my bedroom!!

In her words…My work continues to explore an art (craft) often associated with a feminine tradition, with the use of hand-stitched household textiles. This is then combined with images from contemporary popular culture (magazines), to highlight issues faced by women; particularly the airbrushed and unreal imagery that encourages women to starve, cut and stitch themselves to physical ‘perfection’, making them ‘objects’ to be looked at, rather than active individuals and intelligent contributors to culture and meaning in society.

By the way her blog is very inspirational, not only her work is beautiful but the way she writes as well, her words are full of advice and positive thinking…I love reading about her creative philosophy.

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  1. Amelia 15 years ago

    Wow Marga – this looks great! I am so honoured as I love your site and what you choose to put on here!!! 😉

    Do send me your email too so I that I have yours as I have been meaning to contact you!!

    Look forward to lots more inspiration – you MUST carry on this lovely blog of yours!!


  2. Lynda 15 years ago

    l love her work too.l went to college with amelia and saw her at the show this weekend. so glad people are begining to see how talented she is.lynda

  3. What a wonderful blog you have here. Thank you so much for visiting me today so I could find you. I look forward to following you. 🙂

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