Amazing sunny renovation!

Amazing sunny renovation!
7 April, 2011 Chocolate Creative
I am in Gran Canaria, got here yesterday after having missed my flight from London on Monday, due to a huge accident on the motor-way that leads to the airport. Had to buy a new ticket and wait till yesterday to hug my mum and kiss my boyfriend…but learned an important lesson, that sometimes things happen, that are out of your control, and you better relax, find a solution and hope for the best, they say money does not provide you with happiness, but I tell you, it does helps and makes your life easier and more comfortable…
…I dream with one day, buying an old property in the island and renovate it to my taste, that is what my friend Jorge has done with this tiny apartment by the beach. He took a huge risk in taken down the whole old internal structure and almost starting from zero, but his brave decision has paid off, as he now has created and amazing space, full of luxuries and clever solutions, such as the corridor kitchen to save space, and open up the living space to the exterior, by placing huge front and back windows . Here are some before and after pictures, and if you are planning a visit to my sunny Gran Canaria, the apartment is for rent here.

Amazing views and five minutes from the San Agustin beach.

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  1. Lynne 13 years ago

    Looks great! Am jealous of your trip to the sun x

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